Virtual Showing Platform

When COVID-19 struck, it turned the real estate industry upside down. The inability to physically access property and show potential buyers their NextHome in person was unthinkable. But after the initial shock, developments around the world created an opportunity to actually enhance the buying process for the consumer.

Elevating the Virtual Showing

The critical moment arrived when online video conferencing became commonplace. We had always offered virtual content for our listings, like interactive 3D walkthroughs, but the conduit to consumers was far from a curated experience. Consumers and agents would go to our website and view content to gather information, but not benefit from the experience our agents could deliver. There was no mechanism to share the knowledge of our real estate professionals in real time and turn data, which is often misinterpreted, into digestible information. Now, invention being the obnoxious stepchild of necessity, we had all the elements and conditions we needed to make a breakthrough.

The NextHome Residential Virtual Showing Platform
The NextHome Residential Virtual Showing Platform

By leveraging the 3d digital content we had already created, adding additional online content like maps and street views, and turning the entire affair into a broadcast production, complete with professional lighting and virtual sets, we could deliver a platform to turn consumers into active participants and our agents into the best tour guide you have ever experienced. (Yes, even better than Giuseppe during your gondola ride through Venice when you were a twenty something).

Introducing the NextHome Residential Virtual Showing Platform

Even after the most disruptive impacts of COVID-19 subside, why have buyers disrupt your life while they run around town looking at homes that don’t quite live up to the way they envisioned them anyway? With the Virtual Showing Platform (or VSP for short), buyers get most of the benefits of physically visiting a home with the convenience and time savings of joining us from the comfort of their couches (while you get to stay on yours).

And unlike an in-person visit, we can do a few nifty things with the VSP that the physical world cannot deliver due to time constraints or other limitations:

    • Visually present the area around the home and actually show buyers the proximity to local services with more precision than famous real estate phrases like “it’s just down the block” or “it’s not that far, and besides, it’s good exercise”
    • Repurpose mapping technology to address questions regarding travel times from their NextHome to work, school, shopping, or even ensure the distance from their in-laws is sufficient
    • Take measurements of just about any home surface to ensure buyers can place their beloved furniture, including that gigantic couch with built-in recliners (it won’t fit, but they will die trying anyway)
    • Deliver a professional virtual production with a live REALTOR® as opposed to yet another YouTube video that raises more questions than it answers
    • Provide greater access to showings whenever buyers and agents are available — not dependent on the your availability — because nothing says “hot Friday night” like spending time with us and your MacBook

All kidding aside, the Virtual Showing Platform is a unique offering for our clients, a time saver for buyers and sellers alike, and a valuable way for buyers to evaluate a home before they waster your time visiting the property. Best of all, it comes standard with all of our sales and luxury rental listings.

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