Luxury Manhattan Rentals

    Luxury Manhattan Rentals, NextHome Residential | New York Licensed Real Estate BrokerWhen it comes to Manhattan rentals, we are always on the lookout for exceptional luxury buildings: those New York City residences that provide the essential elements necessary to produce the kind of an environment that you can think of as home, not just another apartment. While we will help you find your NextHome in any location that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, we have found that the following residences are “a cut above” the rest. We have established relationships with management of these buildings to provide you access to the latest listings and outstanding customer service.

    And as you may have already discovered, there are a myriad of fees out there for getting help to find an apartment, which is why many rental seekers try to avoid agents and brokers altogether. Can you blame them? But you quickly find that it’s a challenge to go it on your own (getting access to apartments, spotting “fake” listings from real ones, etc.) and quickly get frustrated in our concrete jungle. We believe you should be able get the help you need without checking your pockets every five minutes. If you need our help in a rental building, you’ll never have miscellaneous charges, or extra application fees beyond what the landlord requires. And we’ll tell you about all the current OP (owner pays) and one month free rent listings which deliver our guidance at someone else’s expense.

    Building AddressManager
    Upper East Side
    The Andover1675 York AvenueGlenwood
    The Brittany1775 York AvenueGlenwood
    The Barclay1755 York AvenueGlenwood
    Bristol Plaza210 East 65th StreetMilstein Milford
    The Cambridge500 East 85th StreetGlenwood
    The Caldwell1520 York AvenueGlenwood
    Claridge House201 East 87th StreetMilstein Milford
    The Fairmont300 East 75th StreetGlenwood
    The Hamilton1735 York AvenueGlenwood
    Hampton Court333 East 102nd StreetGlenwood
    The Highgate182 East 95th StreetMilstein Milford
    The Lucerne350 East 79th StreetGlenwood
    The Marlowe145 East 81st StreetGlenwood
    One Carnegie Hill215 East 96th StreetRelated
    The Monterey175 East 96th StreetRelated
    The Pavilion500 East 77th StreetGlenwood
    The Somerset1365 York AvenueGlenwood
    The Stratford1385 York AvenueGlenwood
    The Strathmore400 East 84th StreetRelated
    The Ventura240 East 86th StreetRelated
    1214 Fifth1214 Fifth AvenueRelated
    Upper West Side
    Briar Hill (Riverdale)600/630 West 246th StreetGlenwood
    Emerald Green320 West 38th StreetGlenwood
    Grand Tier1930 BroadwayGlenwood
    Hawthorn Park160 West 62nd StreetGlenwood
    The Lyric255 West 94th StreetRelated
    The Regent45 West 60th StreetGlenwood
    The Westport500 West 56th StreetRelated
    30 Lincoln Plaza30 West 63rd StreetMilstein Milford
    Midtown East
    The Bamford333 East 56th StreetGlenwood
    The Belmont320 East 46th StreetGlenwood
    The Bristol300 East 56th StreetGlenwood
    Paramount Tower240 East 39th StreetGlenwood
    Midtown West
    Emerald Green320 West 38th StreetGlenwood
    MiMA450 West 42nd StreetRelated
    One MiMA Tower460 West 42nd StreetRelated
    The Westport500 West 56th StreetRelated
    One Union Square South1 Union Square SouthRelated
    Abington House29th Street & 10th AvenueRelated
    The Caledonia450 West 17th StreetRelated
    Courtney House55 West 14th StreetMilstein Milford
    The Sierra130 West 15th StreetRelated
    The Tate535 West 23rd StreetRelated
    The Westminster180 West 20th StreetRelated
    Tribeca Bridge Tower450 North End AvenueGlenwood
    Tribeca Green325 North End AvenueRelated
    Tribeca Park400 Chambers StreetRelated
    Tribeca Tower105 Duane StreetRelated
    89 Murray89 Murray StreetRelated
    Lower Manhattan
    Barclay Tower10 Barclay StreetGlenwood
    Liberty Plaza10 Liberty StreetGlenwood
    Battery Park
    Liberty Court200 Rector PlaceMilstein Milford
    Liberty Green300 North End AvenueMilstein Milford
    Liberty House377 Rector PlaceMilstein Milford
    Liberty Luxe200 North End AvenueMilstein Milford
    Liberty Terrace380 Rector PlaceMilstein Milford
    Liberty View99 Battery PlaceMilstein Milford

    While we highly recommend the buildings above, we are not compensated by the management of the buildings shown here for your selection of their apartments unless an OP (owner pays) offer is available.  In the case of an OP unit, the offer is an advertised promotion to cover some or all broker commissions for the tenant.

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