Luxury Long Island City Rentals

    When it comes to Long Island City rentals, we have chosen TF Cornerstone as our preferred leasing provider given the style and quality of their waterfront accommodations and the well-thought-out rental process that is both cost effective and simple for tenants to navigate.  And from a location perspective, the Center Boulevard footprint in Long Island City delivers an exceptional experience given the many sports and waterside activities available in every direction.  If you are searching for your NextHome in other New York City neighborhoods and have never considered this quickly expanding section of Queens, you may want to consider giving LIC a look as one of the hottest rental locales to come along in quite some time.

    As you may have already discovered, there are a myriad of fees out there for getting help to find an apartment, which is why many rental seekers try to avoid agents and brokers altogether. Can you blame them? But you quickly find that it’s a challenge to go it on your own (getting access to apartments, spotting “fake” listings from real ones, etc.) and quickly get frustrated in our concrete jungle. We believe you should be able get the help you need without checking your pockets every five minutes. If you need our help in a rental building, you’ll never have miscellaneous charges, or extra application fees beyond what the landlord requires. And we’ll tell you about all the current OP (owner pays) and one month free rent listings which deliver our guidance at someone else’s expense.

    Building AddressManager
    Hunters Point Waterfront
    45404540 Center BoulevardTF Cornerstone
    45454545 Center BoulevardTF Cornerstone
    46104610 Center BoulevardTF Cornerstone
    46154615 Center BoulevardTF Cornerstone
    47204720 Center BoulevardTF Cornerstone

    While we highly recommend the buildings above, we are not compensated by the management of the buildings shown here for your selection of their apartments unless an OP (owner pays) offer is available.  In the case of an OP unit, the offer is an advertised promotion to cover some or all broker commissions for the tenant.

    For your safety, New York State has issued new workforce guidance requiring all real estate showings to cease for now.