Agent Profile: Mark G. Goldberg

    Mark G. Goldberg

    Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

    477 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor
    New York, NY 10022






    Mark Goldberg leverages a unique and diverse range of life experiences that allow him to truly connect with his clients, whatever their different circumstances, sets of values, and life goals, and deliver a personal touch that yields outstanding results.

    He grew up in a professional household on Long Island, where he worked early in his career with his father, principal of a renowned design firm responsible for the creation of the distinctive Absolut Vodka bottle, who was invited to speak in 32 different countries as an expert in his field. Mark, an alum from Great Neck South High School, graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in business from St. Francis College and received his MBA from Fordham University.

    Mark always felt drawn towards serving people and pursued his aspirations to lead an intercultural, community-based program for conflict resolution in Flushing, Queens for the American Friends Service Committee, who represented the Quakers in receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947. Training over 60 volunteers who he inspired and managed, Mark became adept at really listening to the subtleties of understanding people’s dreams and aspirations and helping them to find solutions. These five years led him to the global conference business where, working with corporate leaders, he focused on C-level Fortune 500 company summits. Mark soon after independently produced conferences and continued to partner with others on producing global conferences within business management.

    In the conference business, sales and production are viewed as totally different worlds. The conference salesperson masters relationships and strategy, caring little for the intricacies of the specifics of each conference topic required to produce these events. Mark was one of the rare professionals who could do both: he became an expert in each industry, learning from the executive leaders in the field what they needed and crafted the ideal content. He brings this ability to each unique real estate challenge with professionalism and integrity to respond to the personal needs of each buyer and seller.

    On a personal level, Mark has also made dramatic changes to his own lifestyle and, over the past sixteen years, has ensured every day includes an hour of meditation and other wellness activities to transform his health and well-being. You can typically find him about exploring new vegan cuisines, visiting art openings, readings or other cultural activities, as well as business-related events. Or you just may find him at a Zumba class, followed by a dip in the pool and a nice sauna.


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